Julep – The Dramatic Collection

IMGP0709This month I was tempted by all of the Julep collections and wanted to do the whole collection, but then I looked in my nail polish drawer and my unpainted nails.  I honestly can’t even pretend to need that whole thing, so I chose Classic with a Twist, because I thought my daughter chose Bombshell.  It turns out she got Boho Glam, so we didn’t get the color that we both wanted.  So sad, isn’t it?

IMGP0713I might actually be glad, because I absolutely love the shimmery pink of Greta.  It goes perfectly with my skin tone, and sparkles just enough.  Love, the microglitter that was included in every collection, is also beautiful.  I painted one nail with Love over Greta.  Octavia is a deep purple, but I haven’t used it yet.  Maybe I’ll do my toes with that one.  I can tell you love that beautiful back drop I used there.  Sorry, I can’t use my real camera on my own hand, so it’s a webcam shot.

Photo on 2-7-14 at 12.58 PMIf you haven’t joined Julep, I encourage you to give it a try.  Each month you get to choose from several collections, then you get the Secret Store, and Savvy Deals, and the Mystery Box offered throughout the month, so you too can have a drawer full of polish!  Follow my link and I will get some kind of a reward for it, although I honestly don’t remember what.


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